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Enhance your business by taking advantage of the product suggestions and marketing strategies oulined here.
How to Build Relationships On-line - Lesson 8
1. Improve Your Site's Usability
Website statistics give you insight into your customers' online experience and ways that you can improve it. Knowing how most customers navigate your site, for example, will help you provide more direct paths to the information they need. Knowing how much time customers spend on certain pages will help to indicate whether they find that information useful. With Aloak's hosting packages, you have access to monthly statistics about visitors to your website.

  • How are visitors entering the site?
  • Which pages are viewed most frequently?
  • How long does a typical visitor stay on individual pages?
  • How does a typical visitor navigate the entire site?
  • Where do most visitors leave the site?
2. Segment Your Visitors
The ultimate goal is to understand who is visiting your site and making the decision from there to buy your products or services.

Aloak Consulting can help you interpret your website statistics and understand the typical habits and interests of your best online targets.

    Segmenting categories
  • Single and repeat visits
  • Pages visited
  • Technical capabilities (software applications, operating systems and system settings). This helps your webmaster to identify where minor adjustments are required in the formatting, coding and visual presentation of your site to make it more accessible to your visitors.
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