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Enhance your business by taking advantage of the product suggestions and marketing strategies oulined here.
How to Build Relationships On-line - Lesson 4
The reason for interactivity is simple - build loyalty and increase repeat visits from good customers by making your site fun and informative.

1. Respond Immediately to Every Inquiry
Make every visitor feel welcome and important with an immediate, courtesy contact.

If your site is receiving dozens or hundreds of hits weekly, it can be hard to address every individual. An automatic response buys you a little time to get to your email. Aloak Email Responder was designed with this in mind.

    More Ideas
  • Develop an online form to sort inquiries. Or use Custom Programming in combination with several Aloak Email Responders to send automatic responses that are specific to your customers' interests.
2. Make a Good First Impression
Present a carefully crafted message that enhances your company's image in your automatic email response. Before you commit it, proof read it carefully and test it out with your target audience. Better yet, rely on expert services, such as Aloak Marketing & Promotions, to help craft the right message.

    More Ideas
  • To sustain that good first impression, be sure to change your automatic email message frequently. This lets your online customers know that you haven't forgotten about them - or your website.
3. Show that You're Interested
One way to show that you're really interested is to show that you've been listening and keeping track of your customers' interests. This may require creative thinking initially, but with Aloak Applications you have all the tools you need.

    Case Example
  • First, customize Aloak Contact to collect and store information about your customers' buying history, stated needs and requests. Use Aloak Contact to help identify special interest groups with common interests and needs for information from you.
  • Then, next time you distribute your company news and announcements, write and send separate email cover letters to each special interest group. Embed a Reply/Feedback link so that your customers have an instant channel for feedback.
  • For each special interest group, use an Aloak Email Responder to handle replies. This lets you differentiate between customers with your instant messages. It's a small detail that can have an enormous impact for making your customers feel valued.
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